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About Customisations

About Komi

Komi is an Australian based jewellery and gifts company , established by Jacob and Rotem Alpron on November 2020, that specialises in creating custom made pieces for him and her, making it the ideal personalised gift and a unique piece of jewellery for anyone to wear.

Our jewellery features a picture of the Moon Phase at any significant life event, as well as Birth stones, Earth symbols and the Chinese Lunar Horoscope, which are then hand-crafted into our selection of charms and pendants.

Each pendant is charged with the loving energy of GRATITUDE , as we are strong believers in it’s power to attract more blessings to one’s life, so we have designed it’s ancient symbol to be embroidered on the back of each piece.

Komi can help you express yourself though astrology, astronomy and spirituality, offering unique pieces with special meaning.

All it takes is a few SIMPLE steps:

To customise your Moon Phase , first select your favourite jewellery, then your preferred metal (Silver, Yellow or Rose Gold) and insert your special date(s) using the Moon Phase Calculator which will appear as soon as you select your style. You can wear a piece with more than just one Moon Phase and you can choose your moon colour too (Natural, Blue, Pink).

In addition to the Moon Phases jewellery , we offer a wide range of Earth Symbols pendants to represent your cherished moments and loved ones.These include the Chinese Animal Horoscope, Earth Elements and Birth Stones- all set in to original and timeless designs.

We will easily calculate which symbols apply ,then add it to your pendant, creating a truly unique, customised piece of jewellery. Every Earth Symbol piece comes with a full explanation of it’s meaning and it’s relation to your life and personality.

All the pendants can also be purchased separately, with or without a chain.

How you calculate your MoonPhase

The moon cycle is repetitive.

The moon orbits the earth and it takes it approximately 28-29 days to complete a full cycle. Therefore, there are between 28-29 different moon phases.

Some moon phase changes are minor and cannot be seen by the human eye, which is why we’ve created a unique algorithm that our moon phase pictures are based on. This algorithm calculates the Moon’s age in days and it’s distance from earth.

All the images of the moon phases featured in our jewellery appear as they are seen from Earth and the images shown are based on the Moon Percentage Illumination range.

Does it make a difference where i was born?

Good question!

As long as you were born on planet Earth - the moon phase will be the same regardless of your geographic location, the only thing that changes is the moon’s angle.

If you or your loved ones were born on a Northern Hemisphere, the images on the moon that format a Bunny/Snail like shape will appear facing down rather than to a Southern Hemisphere where they will appear facing up.

Also, the moon’s position and angle change during the day, from moon rise till moon set, due to Earth’s movement around it self.

With that being said, the actual moon phase will always be seen the same, from every part of our planet, as the Earth has only one moon.

How do i create & customise my unique piece?

To choose your special Moon Phase or Earth Symbol jewellery simply think of an event or a person that you’d love to carry forever, not only in your heart and soul but also on your physical body.

To create a customised Moon Phase pendant please follow these simple steps:

Step A. Choose your jewellery style.

Step B. Choose your metal (Silver, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold).

Step C. Enter your significant date or dates, as you can wear multiple Moon Phase pendants on one necklace / bracelet to represent several dates and people , into the Moon Phase Calculator to automatically calculate the Moon Phase exactly at that date. You can also choose your Moon Phase by the image if you find your self attracted to it without entering a specific date.

Step D. Select your moon colour – Natural, Pink or Blue.For pendants featuring two or more Moon Phases you can choose different moon phase colours. For example, if you wear a 3 moon phase piece each moon can be in different colour.

To create a customised Moon Phase pendant with a Chinese animal charm please follow these SIMPLE steps: (Mini Classic Moon Phase Necklace With A Chinese Zodiac Dog Silver)

To create a customised Birth Stone pendant please follow these Simple steps: (Mini Classic Moon Phase Necklace With A Birthstone).

You can wear yours and your loved ones Birth Stones as a single or a multiple stone pendant, on their own or have it/them attached to your Moon Phase pendant. (Single Birthstone Necklace).

Can i add more than one Moon Phase / Earth Element / Birth Stone / Chinese Horoscope to my jewellery?


You can create a multiple Moon phase and Birth Stone pendants bracelet or a necklace to celebrate more than one event or person in your life- add your children’s birth dates, celebrate anniversaries, graduations or any other date of special meaning.

Elements Necklaces and Bracelets come as a single piece or can be attached as a charm to a Moon Phase Pendant. (Necklace or a bracelet).

Chinese Zodiac can be attached as a charm to a Moon Phase Pendant. (Necklace or a bracelet).

Does my Moon Phase pendant glow in the dark?

Oh yes!

As it’s worn throughout the day it will absorb the light, natural and artificial, then your Moon Phase pendant will glow beautifully in the dark, a symbol of the moon and it’s radiant light.

What does it mean to wear my Moon Phase and Earth Symbols jewellery and how can it contribute to my life?

Wearing your Komi jewellery is a special way to remind yourself of how truly blessed you are.

As the creators of Komi we believe that the most significant quality in our life journey is the sense of gratitude for all that we have and all that is coming.

It is this feeling we wish to transfer to our unique jewellery – the gratitude for your family, for your relationships, for your career and for your surroundings - supporting your life through the beautiful and complex creation that it is.

The symbol of gratitude is embossed on the back of each piece, infused with magnificent energy and our intention.

Wearing this personalised piece will help you attract even more positivity into your life which will naturally flow out to all your loved ones and everyone you encounter.

How do I choose my chain style and length?

We offer a variety of adjustable chains. Click on “chain category” or choose your preferred chain with your pendants as they come together as a set and appear in a separate column below your selected pendant. We offer:

• Sterling Silver rhodium plated adjustable box chains: length 45cm plus 5cm extension, width 1.2mm. Sterling Silver rhodium plated adjustable box chains: length 55cm plus 5cm extension, width 1.2mm.

• Yellow Gold plated on Sterling Silver adjustable box chains :length 45cm plus 5cm extension, width 1.2mm. Yellow Gold plated on Sterling Silver adjustable box chains: length 55cm plus 5cm extension, width 1.2mm.

• Rose Gold plated on Sterling Silver adjustable box chains length 45cm plus 5cm extension, width 1.2mm. Rose Gold plated on

Sterling Silver adjustable box chains: length 55cm plus 5cm extension, width 1.2mm.

• Marine Black Cord adjustable length 55cm width 1.5mm

Komi Care

How do I care for my Komi piece?

As your jewellery isn’t just another piece, but your own personal story, we recommend treating it gently and care for it with love.

Although our main metal Surgical Steel which is corrosion resistant and is very hard to damage, we strongly advise you to avoid any contact with water (shower, pool, ocean, spa, sauna) and take your jewellery off before any significant sport activity.

We also advise to avoid using any chemicals or natural lotions and perfumes while wearing the jewellery, as they may affect the epoxy resin (round dome material which covers the moon phase image) and the glossiness of Swarovski crystals used in our Birth Stone charms, Earth Elements and Chinese horoscope animals.

We recommend to take off the jewellery before bed.

Another great way to care for your KOMI is to give your piece some love and clean it once every 6 months where possible. This will help your jewellery to keep it’s sparkle “New” look and will remove any dirt or build up that might damage your piece over time.

A great and affordable way to clean your jewellery is to make a paste from baking soda and water , then gently scrub the metal part with a soft tooth brash/ fabric cloth , avoiding the moon phase picture and the top dome in Moon phase pendants.

To finish go through your piece with a soft damp cloth and dry gently. Make sure your piece is completely dry before storing it away. Avoid scrubbing your coated (plated) jewellery and only use a gentle polishing cloth on them.

For Swarovski Crystal charms we recommend to gently clean with a soft cloth that has been dampened in warm soapy water. To finish, simply wipe it with a damp cloth (no soap) and dry with a soft, dry cloth.

We recommend to store your jewellery separately from one another, preferably in tarnish resistant pouch or box, in a cool and dry place.

Can I get my jewellery wet ?

We highly recommend not to get your jewellery wet.

Although our base metal is top grade surgical steel which is corrosion resistant, the dome part of our Moon Phase jewellery is made from epoxy resin which is chemical and water sensitive material, and its clarity can fade in case of ongoing contact with natural lotions , perfumes , shampoos and chloride based chemicals .

Swarovski Crystals, featured in all our Earth Symbol pendants are also water and chemical sensitive , and can loose their charming gloss with repetitive water contact .

We recommend removing all KOMI pieces before entering pools, spas, saunas and the ocean or before handling any chemicals that might get in touch with the jewellery.


Can I purchase a pendant without a chain?

Yes, you can definitely purchase a pendant without a chain. Simply click on “no chain” column below your chosen pendant before the check out. You will see the price drops accordingly.

Do I get any explanation with my purchase?

Yes, you most certainly do!

We have researched widely to put together personality characteristics that are influenced by the moon and its phases, along with your Chinese horoscope animal, your Earth element and yourBirthstone.

All the jewellery comes with your Moon Nature description card, packed in a beautiful artificial leather case making it the most special, personalised gift.


We only use the highest quality metals and materials, and use the latest technology in jewellery manufacturing.

We offer a 12 month warranty on all our KOMI chains and a LIFETIME warranty on all our KOMI pendants. All the damage caused to the jewellery will be covered. To activate your warranty - simply reach out to our customer service (

Please include your order number or receipt for online purchases and a picture of the damaged item. Make sure that the picture is clear and the damage is seen, so we can process your request promptly.

With in-store purchases, be sure to keep your Moon Nature card/ Birthstone Card/Chinese Animal Card/ Earth Element Card as proof of purchase.

Ordering,Shipping, Tracking

To start your order, simply choose your favourite design(s) from our jewellery collection and choose your metal (Gold, Steel, Rose Gold).

Decide on Necklace, Bracelet or a Ring, and a Moon Phase colour when purchasing a Moon Phase jewellery .

Once you’ve clicked on your chosen product, a moon calendar will open up with dates for you to enter.

The same method will apply if you wish to customise your Birth Stone , Earth Element and Chinese Horoscope Jewellery.

The final step will be to determine what type of chain you want and you’re ready to go! Simply proceed to the check out and complete all the details required.

Before submitting your payment double check that you’ve entered the correct address.

After completing your purchase , you will receive a notification email which has all the important information about your order. Please save this email for tracking and warranty details.

We ship all the orders received on the next business day (weekends and public holidays excluded).

It usually takes between 5-7days to receive your parcel with regular post and 3-5days when you chose an express post option.

Please bear in mind that in unprecedented times like this, delays in shipping may occur, therefor we recommend to order in advance and take shipping time into consideration, especially if it’s a gift.

Once you complete your online purchase, you will receive your first confirmation email from us which includes all the information about your order.

The next email will be sent to you as soon as the order ships and will include your tracking number, which we advise you to follow up with.

We currently ship within Australia and Internationally. All the post fees are specified at the checkout and will be added automatically to your invoice.

Returns and Refunds

We cherish and thank you for your support in our business, therefore we respect your right for a change of mind.

If you have decide to cancel your order - please contact us here (email: and phone number: +614 03648337).

Cancellation of all orders is only available on the day of purchase, before 5:00 PM, Eastern Australian Time. You will be offered a full refund and won’t be charged shipping and handling costs.

You can return your unused item and receive a full refund in a period of 30 days from the moment of purchase/day of shipping.

In case of a return via post, refunds will be processed from the moment the item arrives at our premises. The refund will be issued to the card that the original payment was made from. It might take up to 7 business days for the refund to show on your account.

We will happily pay for your postage return when:

1. You were sent the wrong item to which was ordered.

2. You received a damaged item.

3. In case of a significant delay in postage (over30days).

Unfortunately we do not cover postage return when:

1. A return is made due to a change of mind.

2. In case of a product exchange.

3. We received wrong personalised information (wrong day, month or year).

4. In case a customer redeems the warranty and sends us the item for whatever reason.

(Address: KOMI Jewellery 34A Grosvenor Court Worongary QLD 4213)

I was given a wrong Moon Phase/ Birth Stone /Chinese Horoscope Animal/Earth Element .

We re so sorry and will make sure to sort it out in no time !

We will happily exchange the piece for you.Simply reach out to our customer service by phone (+61403648337) or email ( adding a picture of the item and we will arrange the correct shipment to you.

Please Post the item back in it’s original packaging where possible, and as soon as we will receive it-your correct pendant will be on it’s way. We usually send our goods by regular post, unless specified otherwise .

After purchase I noticed I gave the wrong dates, what can I do?

Not to worry!

We will be happy to exchange the piece for you. Simply contact our customer service

(email: and phone number: +61434102670) and provide us with the correct dates. Please post the item back and upon receipt, we will send the correct piece.

I still haven’t received my order.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay in arrival of your new favourite item. In case of any concerns, please email our customer care here

(email: or call us directly phone (+614 03648337).

Please provide your full name, order number, shipping address and the item description (you will find all this relevant information in the confirmation email we send as soon as your order is received).

In case we’re unable to track your item or in case of a significant delay in delivery (over 30days) you will be offered a full refund or a resend of a new item by express post with no extra charge.


What kind of metals do you use ?

  • The base metal for all of our pendants is Surgical Steel.
  • For gold pendants, we use a Surgical Steel base with 24K PVD Plated Gold.
  • We use Sterling Silver for silver chains.
  • We use 14K Gold Filled chains for all gold necklaces.


Surgical Steel:

316L Surgical Steel is molybdenum-bearing austenitic, high grade stainless steel - implant grade metal.

The higher molybdenum content in this grade allows it to demonstrate better overall corrosion resistant properties than common use stainless steel, especially with regard to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments.

In addition, Surgical Steel 316L provides excellent elevated temperature tensile, creep and stress-rupture strengths, as well as outstanding formability and weldability.

316L Surgical Steel is the lower carbon version of 316 and is immune from sensitisation; therefore, it is very frequently used in heavy gauge welded components. 316L Surgical Steel is a common choice for medical implants, body piercings and also used in the manufacture and handling of food and pharmaceutical products, where it’s often required, in order to minimise metallic contamination.

316L is an excellent material for use in jewellery due to a low risk for allergic reaction, as well as its ability to tolerate water.


24K PVD Gold:

PVD is a vacuum sealing technique that involves real gold atoms to be deposited onto the jewellery. It lasts for much longer than your average electroplated jewellery.


14K Gold Filled:

Our 14K Gold Filled jewellery is comprised up of 14K Gold tubing, which is then filled with a base metal. The gold tubing is bonded strongly base metal, ensuring that it doesn't wear off. It is a great affordable alternative to solid gold. The 14K Gold tubing makes up 5% (1/20) of the total weight.

Is your Yellow /Gold Jewellery plated ?

We use an advanced plating technique, called Gold PVD Coating and it’s different to an old fashion electroplating.

PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is a vacuum coating process which produces a durable GOLD and Rose GOLD finish, eliminating nickel release in Surgical Steel and is suitable for people with nickel sensitivities.

Our PVD Coating utilises 24k Yellow Gold, which provides an extremely strong film coating that is resistant to corrosion, doesn’t discolour as common Gold Plated metals and is 10 times thicker than a standard plating.

In addition, PVD Coating process has a very low environmental footprint compare to traditional plating techniques.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Surgical Steel is an IMPLANT GRADE. We use 316L Surgical steel as our base metal. Surgical Steel is a hypoallergenic metal, designed to address skin sensitivities yet remains affordable and long lasting. Please refer to the question " What kind of metals do you use " for a full explanation.

In case of any allergic reaction from Komi jewellery we are offering 14 days for exchange or a refund. Please reach out to our costumer care ( ) and we’ll gladly sort it out for you.

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