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Birthstones: Unravelling the Story Behind Our Personal Gems

Shimmering with an enchanting energy, birthstones have been cherished for centuries as precious gems that hold a personal significance. Not only do these birthstones captivate many with their unmatched beauty, but also carries a profound connection to one’s month of birth. Making them a source of intrigue and fascination for many as well as a treasured choice when it comes to jewellery. 



The Tale of 12 Birthstones 

Each month is represented by twelve birthstones, which can be traced to the book of Exodus in the bible. In this book, a high priest had a special garment which was a breastplate with all the birthstones. That same garment had 12 tribes of Israel engraved on it. This book also lists distinct qualities for those born in each of the 12 months, representing unique characteristics and symbols associated with each period.



Connection to personality traits 

What is your birthstone? 

  •     January: Garnets
  •     February: Amethyst
  •     March: Aquamarine
  •     April: Diamond
  •     May: Emerald
  •     June: Alexandrite
  •     July: Ruby
  •     August: Peridot
  •     September: Sapphire
  •     October: Tourmaline 
  •     November: Topaz
  •     December: Turquoise



What does your birthstone say about you? 


Birthstone: January – Garnets

Meaning: Protection

This dark red color was one of the most popular gemstones during the later years of the Roman Empire. The word garnet itself holds the meaning of a deep red color. Above all, this birthstone symbolizes protection, love, and constancy. These are mostly shown through faith and loyalty, making individuals born in January both protective and supportive of the people they love. Wearing a garnet is firmly believed to elevate the energy of the person who wears it and their self-image. 


Birthstone: February – Amethyst

Meaning: Wisdom

This deep dark purple color has been sought and highly valued since the ancient Egypt and continues to do so. The word amethystos comes from the Greek word “amethystos” which can be translated into “not intoxicating.” This birthstone is an unmatched gem which inspires wisdom for the wearer through calmness and balance. Not only that, but the amethyst is also a symbol for peace, temperance, and royalty. This gives people born under the month of February the title of multi-talented, courageous, and honest.


Birthstone: March – Aquamarine

Meaning: Serenity

This light blue color that is aquamarine has often evoked imagery of the vast seas and boundless skies. Given to sailors to ensure a safe voyage, aquamarine was seen as a good luck charm that brings protection and calmness to those about to venture into the dept of the sea. People born under the month of March are by nature protective of their loved ones and inspire love, youthfulness, and hope. Being born under the aquamarine means that adventure fills your being with passion and that your spirit lights up as you take on a new voyage. 


Birthstone: April – Diamond

Meaning: Strength 

This clear color is one of the most, if not the most, popular gemstones in the world. The diamond is known for its strength and is forever invincible by the challenges of nature. Eternal love is being written all over the person who wears a diamond as they are true to their feelings and happily romanticize their lives. People born under the month of the diamond are resilient, prideful and carry a beautiful light inside their energy.  


Birthstone: May – Emerald 

Meaning: Hope

This dark green color takes its name from the Greek word “smaragdus” which translates to green. Emerald symbolizes hope as it welcomes the essence of spring into one’s life and gives to the wearer a sense of regeneration and intelligence. Associated with wealth, faithfulness, and fertility, being born under the month of May suggests that the person has intelligence, wit, and a powerful sense of intuition. 


Birthstone: June– Alexandrite

Meaning: Love

Alexandrite, also known as pearl and moonstone, takes its name after the French word “Perle” which translates to led, the leg shape of a mollusk shell. According to legends, Alexandrite was found on the same day as the future Russian Char Alexander II reached adulthood. It was named in his honor in 1834.  The core soul of this birthstone symbolizes love, nurturing, good fortune, and luck. The wearer is said to have good fortune and to gain strong intuitive skills through creativity and imagination. 


Birthstone: July – Ruby

Meaning: Vitality

This red gemstone gained its name from the Latin word, “Rubeus,” which translates to red. Through its color, the ruby has been associated with blood and thus, vitality and physical strength. People who are born under the month of July charm others with their charisma, power, bursting passion and hardworking nature. The ruby reminds the wearer of his strong sense of self and gives him the energy to accomplish whatever he has set their minds to. 


Birthstone: August– Peridot 

Meaning: Beauty 

This olive-green gemstone was bestowed the name faridat that comes from the Arabic word for gem and the Greek word for giving in abundance. Highly mined by the Egyptians, its meaning is often associated with vibrant energy, strength, and good fortune. Its shining beauty acts as a guide for those around the radiant beauty of the wearer who is loved for its vibrant energy. Not only does the peridot bring prosperity, but people also born under that month often show creative thinking and intelligence when it comes to problem-solving. 


Birthstone: September– Sapphire

Meaning: Truth 

This deep blue gemstone gets its name from the Latin word “sapphirus” for blue stone. Said to be associated with dignity, loyalty, wisdom and faith, people born under the month of September are truth seeking, honest and have pure intentions. Sapphire is believed to bring concentration, motivation, creativity and improve leadership skills for those who wear it. This is done by removing any unwanted thoughts in order to dive into a deeper state of mind, which is filled with calm energy and strong focus.


Birthstone: October– Tourmaline

Meaning: Healing

Tourmaline is often blessed with the gift of a wider range of colors found within nature. Its name comes from the Sinhalese word mixed color stone. Being a strong symbol of healing, tourmaline evokes hope, innocence, and certainty. Often thought of as having an optimistic look at life, people born under the month of October are said to have a kind spirit and a heart that embodies innocence. The power of this gemstone for the wearer lies in a higher experience of creativity, hope, and enthusiasm. 


Birthstone: November– Citrine

Meaning: Joy

Inspired by St. John’s Island located in the Red Sea, the same topaz comes from the Greek word Topazios. Very scarce and too hard to find due to its rare varieties, the citrine or topaz is associated with joy that comes from physical strength and psychological healing. People born under the month of November are perceived as flexible, fair, open-minded and friendly. Topaz or citrine brings a sense of calmness and reflection to the wearer as it allows them to appreciate the beauty of a moment. 


Birthstone: December– Turquoise  

Meaning: Friendship

This deep blue color gemstone has been valued for centuries by many different cultures of the world. Symbolic of friendship, protection, good luck and good fortune, the birthstone turquoise (or Zircon) brings purpose to the wearer by giving them an unshakeable mindset that will push them to achieve what they set their mind to. This welcoming energy brings hope and balance as well. 





Why do we wear birthstones?


Wearing your birthstone 

It’s time to embrace your personal identity! Wearing your birthstone necklace or birthstone bracelet is widely believed to be a symbol of good fortune and wellness as they possess unique properties. Not only does it bring good luck and protection to the wearer, but also brings positive energy through connection with oneself.  Wearing your birthstone is serving as a beautiful expression of individuality and self-expression. 


Gifting a Birthstone to the Next Generation

More and more, birthstones are passed down through generations. This act of selfless love represents the connection and heritage that preserves family traditions and stories, creating in return a powerful link to the past. Each person who receives a birthstone necklace or a birthstone bracelet carries the essence of their ancestors. In return, this creates a lasting bond, love through belonging.


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