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Unveiling the Mysteries: The Unique Meaning of Moon Phase Jewellery

Throughout time, the Moon has captivated mankind with its fascinating presence. Both in ancient civilizations and in the present day, this celestial body has been the subject of countless myths, legends, cultures, religions, and scientific explorations. As the Sun's light is reflected off the Moon and Earth, we are privileged to witness its enchanting charm. Whether through its luminous brilliance, its rhythmic phases, or its profound impact on the human psyche, the various phases of the Moon shine their power endlessly on every night sky. 

Yet beyond its appearance, the Moon carries a symbolic and spiritual significance for all human beings. As if it were guiding us towards something greater, the Moon is thought by many to unlock cosmic secrets to those who choose to open their hearts and listen. 

Let’s discover how our journeys are inspired by the power of the Moon and its profound impact on shaping human experiences!




Understanding the cycle of the Moon 

So, what is the cycle of the Moon? Actually, it’s quite simple. The Moon follows what is called the lunar calendar, which is a system based on its cycles. This lunar calendar uses the Moon phases to determine the duration of the month and is commonly used in many cultures and religions around the world. 

How long does it take for the Moon to complete a cycle you may wonder? Well, on average, it takes about 29 days for the Moon to complete one full cycle of its phases, which then repeats. 




What are the 8 Moon phases? 

When we look up at the night sky, there are a total of 8 individual Moon phases which can appear to us. In order, these are the New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter and Waning Crescent. 


The New Moon 

The New Moon, also called the invisible Moon, is not visible to us from Earth. This means the Sun is not reflecting its light on the Moon simply because the Moon is positioned between the Sun and Earth. 


Waxing Crescent 

Slowly, the surface of the Moon that is illuminated increases to create what we commonly refer to as a Crescent Moon. This Moon grows daily and rises later with each day. 


First Quarter

During the First Quarter, half of the Moon is illuminated for us to see from Earth. People might think that we are seeing half of the Moon, but in reality, we can only see one part of the Moon which is illuminated by the Sun.  


Waxing Gibbous 

Once we have passed half of the Moon and that the surface of the Moon that is seen continues to grow, we start witnessing the Waxing Gibbous. 


Full Moon 

From the Sun’s perspective, the Moon is behind Earth which means the invisible side of the Moon is fully illuminated. As its name suggests, the Full Moon will appear full for a few days from the moment the Sun sets to the sunrise. 


Waning Gibbous 

More than half the Moon is still illuminated during the Waning Gibbous. However, the surface that appears to us slowly starts to shrink as the Moon view from our perspective changes. 


Last Quarter

During the Last Quarter, half of the Moon is illuminated for us to see from Earth. People might think that we are seeing half of the Moon, but, once more, we can only see one part of the Moon which is illuminated by the Sun. 


Waning Crescent 

Making its way towards the New Moon, the Moon is back to being a Crescent Moon called the Waning Crescent. From our perspective, less than half the Moon is visible as the dayside of the Moon faces the Sun to slowly become a thinner curve. 




What does your moon phase say about you?

The enigma surrounding the Moon is unprecedented. For some, this celestial object that makes the darkness of our nights so bright is the gift of a divine force, almost God-like. With its radiant beauty and feminine allure, the Moon is eternally perceived as an entity caught up in a dance of its own phases, to which we move.  This rhythm of the Moon becomes a form of manifestation of who we are and how we interact with the world. Not only does the Moon we are born under is sign of grounding with the very universe we are a part of, it's also a powerful reminder of the emotional journey we must take as children of the Moon to become who we are meant to be.



The New Moon

Referred to as the “children of the stars”, people born under the New Moon are known for their bright personalities, magnetic charisma, and pure heart. Their curiosity about the world leads them to be more creative and wander into new adventures. This is why their energy captivates others and draws them towards it. Blessed with a strong sense of equilibrium, children of the stars have endless determination and passion while always remaining grounded. 

The Sun and the Moon being aligned, the heart and the mind is known to be in perfect understanding. Always guided by their powerful sense of intuition, people born under the New Moon lead their lives with a strong sense of knowing. 

Easily excited about new ideas, children of the stars will dive all in with incredible energy, but their challenge lies with their lack of motivation or productivity to finish the task. Always focused on what they want, they can have trouble seeing other people’s viewpoints and can lack empathy when it comes to understanding someone else’s thought process. 


Waxing Crescent 

Being one of the first sightings of the Moon, the Waxing Crescent Moon is a universal representation of the beginning of a new cycle. This means that in addition to being adventurous and full of curiosity, children of the Waxing Crescent Moon have an energy that is contagious with positivity and attracts many people who enjoy being around them. While remaining loyal and kind, they let their intuition guide their mind. 

Despite being similar in many ways to the New Moon, those born under the Waxing Crescent have limited energy when it comes to taking risks and diving into new tasks to try. By staying in that comfort zone, children of the Waxing Crescent are more dependent and tend to be introverted. Though they are courageous and accept failure, they tend to forget the present moment and travel to the past often. 


First Quarter

The First Quarter is a special and rare Moon to be born under. It gives the person an unshakeable sense of self which can translate as them knowing they are the main character of their story. This reflects itself in the strong ability they possess to overcome any challenges with good leadership, but also a strong belief that they are striving for positive change in their lives. Their ability to be under pressure, their intelligence and their intuition make them someone you want by your side in a situation of crisis. This Moon also means that people are attracted to their abilities to overcome fear and gain more confidence. 

Children of the First Quarter have a proactive mind which means they have a hard time when it comes to letting things go. That can also create drama or worsen a situation they are trying to solve. For them, being passive and patient is their biggest challenge, but also the only way they will be able to reach their full potential. 


Waxing Gibbous 

As the Moon is making its way to a Full Moon, the Waxing Gibbous is slowly being brought to its full potential. Being immensely good at developing relationships, children of the Waxing Gibbous are natural born leaders who inspire and motivate the people that surround them while guiding them to reach their full potential. Their calm yet nurturing nature makes them incredible individuals to be surrounded with. For them, maintaining a healthy relationship is about effort and love, but mostly respect. 

People born under the Waxing Gibbous are in charge of their own lives and walk towards the future with a strong sense of confidence and faith. Using their quick thinking, they can resolve situations with creativity and wit. 

Being so highly driven also comes with a price for children of the Waxing Gibbous. In their quest for transformation and leadership, they can become perfectionist. This means that they have high expectations of themselves making their growth harder. In order to truly flourish into their best self, they need to be more patient and accept that beauty can also lay in imperfection. 


 Full Moon 

Children of the Full Moon have an inexplicable charm to them. People naturally gravitated towards their wild and fun way of perceiving life, which only makes them shine more. Being born under the power of the Full Moon means that they are guided by their emotions, often leading to a disconnect between their mind and heart. This struggle comes from the intense energy of the Full Moon which awakens endless desires in them, but no logical way to pursue them without getting emotional. 

Though the challenge lies in finding balance between all the highs and lows, their confident nature always prevails.

Introverts and extroverts born under the Full Moon differ in their preferred source of energy and how they interact with the world. The introverts have a deep magnetic energy about them which is hidden to the outside world, but attracts others who share the same passion as them. The extroverts born under the Full Moon are fully diving into the world with all their energy and fire. This also means that all eyes are on them as soon as they enter a room with powerful energy. 

Well, in tune with the world and everything that surrounds them, children of the bright Moon are free to be themselves and never try to impress others. Their empathic and spontaneous energy makes others very curious to know them more. 


Waning Gibbous 

The Waning Gibbous Moon is the first phase after the full Moon. As it is shining less bright each day, it is not the case for children born under that Moon. Passing the Full Moon is seen as having reached a sense of reflection that gives powerful wisdom to those born under this Moon. In addition to having a magical way to communicate with the world, they live every experience to the fullest which they perceive as a gate to knowledge and a driving force to become a better person. 

Being hopeful children, they wish to understand the world they live in and to give it a sense of meaning. Children of the Waning Gibbous strive to make a difference, find happiness in life, and shower those around them with love and positive energy. 

Even if their intentions are always good, people can find them condescending when they share their knowledge. Children born under this Moon have difficulties understanding the right timing when it comes to talking and listening to others. 


Last Quarter

Loyal and kind, the children of the Last Quarter are immensely talented at finding meaning in the little things. Striving to find the key to happiness, these people are guided by their heart and their attachment to the past. This can sometimes mean that they forget to indulge in the beauty of the present moment. Always travelling somewhere else in their mind, children of the Last Quarter are often reminiscing, which makes listening and not holding grudges hard for them. 

The endless universe they create in their minds gives them a remarkable imagination and a penchant for innovation. Their independent nature, combined with their ability to see beauty in the smallest things, is a driving force that creates deep-lasting relationships and happiness.


Waning Crescent 

The waning crescent is the phase where the Moon is coming to the end of its cycle. Having already acquired the power of a wise Moon, their sense of reflection comes from an undeniable gift to detect the energy that surrounds them. This connection to the spiritual world gives them insights and intuition that is beyond the realms of their physical body. This also means that children of the waning crescent are mature, but extremely imaginative in everything they do. 

People born under the waning crescent have a profound perception which can render them enigmatic, like if their mind was in a distinct realm compared to others. This mystical side is attractive to those who understand children of the waning crescent Moon but can sometimes make them feel like a loner. Their powerful vision can ultimately benefit the world greatly if they learn to let go of emotions that don’t serve their purpose.  



Wearing Your Moon

The Moon’s exceptional power over the seas, our ecosystem and its mesmerizing light deeply impacts our lives. There is a profound influence on our journey which is inspired by the power of the Moon and its ancient wisdom. Wearing your Moon phase jewellery not only serves as a personal reminder of the cycle of life, but also symbolizes growth, transformation, renewal, divine energy and mostly, it influences the emotions we feel.  

This celestial body is known for stabilizing the Earth and its climate. Wearing a Moon phase is a powerful way to draw the energy you are born under and find balance, guidance and direction through the Moon’s influence. A poetic and magical way of calling the energy of the universe while finding peace within yourself. Wearing your moon is honoring yourself with self-love, self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. It’s truly the first step you take towards showering your being with the love and care it needs.


Wearing a Powerful Symbol 

Wearing a Moon phase necklace serves as a magnet for higher energy for those who wear it. Being so present in old cultures, as well as being one of the oldest and more powerful symbols, the Moon has been a guide for many since the beginning of mankind. Associated with different cultures and religions, it serves as a symbol of renewal and change for many. 


Wearing Someone Else’s Moon

As so many people wish to unlock the mystery of their inner and outer selves by wearing their Moon phase necklace or their Moon phase bracelet, some wish to send love and peace to those they love. Yes! It is possible to wear someone else’s Moon on you! By doing so, you draw the energy of the universe onto their Moon to send them an abundance of positive energy wherever they are. Wearing someone else’s Moon also carries a sense of gratefulness towards that person that can be brought into their lives in the form of happiness, health, or love.


Wearing a Special Date 

Wearing a special date on a Moon phase necklace or a Moon phase bracelet is a way to reminisce about a unique moment while carrying it close to your heart. Whether it is an anniversary, the passing of a loved one or a moment you wish to always remember, the universe recognizes the power of that energy and brings a new wave of positivity. 

As the universe expands and life goes on, the power of the Moon remains the same. A celestial body that illuminates our darkest nights and shows us the beauty of hope.  With its endless cycle and unwavering energy, the Moon continues to influence our planet, but also our emotions and life. Wearing a Moon phase jewellery calls upon the mystical charms and hidden secrets of the universe. As if the Moon was always advising following your instincts and dreams. As if the Moon knew secrets about us that we have yet to discover ourselves. As if the Moon wanted us to embrace the playful side of nature and find endless inspiration in it. 


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